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Vita trädgårdsmöbler i gjutjärn, står med lite avstånd till varandra på en gräsmatta. Foto: Mostphotos

Adjustments made due to the circumstances with corona (covid-19)

We want Råda Säteri to remain a venue for everyone to enjoy the year-round.

We continue to take necessary measures and adhere protocols advised by the Swedish Public Health Board and government decisions. We remain open, but will continue to follow the latest development and adjust accordingly. Please, read more about the precautions we have taken so far:

The Garden Café (Trädgårdscaféet)

  • To avoid crowding, the number of seats have been reduced both indoors and outdoors. For rainy days, there is a tent roof for seating outside.
  • During weekends, part of sales are moved outdoors to avoid congestion inside the café.
  • To remind visitors to keep a social distance, there are floor markings and signs, both inside the café and at the toilets.

Social distancing and practice of good hygiene

  • We have reinforced our hygiene routines and increased the frequency of cleaning.
  • Signage regarding the importance of social distancing is provided in the area. This applies both to outdoor spaces such as the bathing area, walking paths as well as indoors.
  • The number of visitors at the exhibition in Bagarstugan is limited to 5 people at a time.
  • It is important to keep social distance at the beach. Weekdays, between June15– August 14, staff will, when necessary, help visitors find alternative spots as the vast lawn for socializing,
  • The number of seats for the family-show is limited to 39, this to keep the recommended social distance.
  • Our employees are urged to stay at home if they are sick or have even the slightest sign of disease.

Welcome back (once you are well)!

We remind visitors to stay at home in case of sickness, or even the slightest sign of disease.